My smile is so bright it blinds any opponent who comes my way!

Growing up, I guess I should have known I was different.  Instead of having tea parties, I’d give my stuffed animals dental exams.  Instead of ordinary weekend trips, my family spent every waking moment fighting the Cavity Squad.  It was easier when I was a kid.  But being a teenager is hard enough without being in a family of dental superheroes.  My friends have parties with candy, soda, chips—and my dad bursts in wearing his cape and mask, giving everyone toothpaste and floss!  My parents check out my friend’s dental records before letting me hang out with them. Not to mention, my little brother tattles on me every time I even think about chewing a piece of gum—and it’s sugar free!  Sure—it’s great having super powers.  And even though sometimes, I wish I could be just like everyone else, it’s pretty cool when a cute guy tells me I have a great smile.