Sugar Smasher
I use my floss whip to destroy my candy enemies!

You know that story about the two kids who find a house made out of gingerbread? Well that place is real. I know because I used to work there. At first it seemed like a dream job. I had hundreds of types of candies, boxes and boxes of chocolate, and every flavor of soda pop you have ever heard of. Every morning I would try a littleā€¦.then a little more. But the more I tried, the stronger the candy got. Even though they made me feel bad and made my teeth hurt, I kept eating them.  Finally, I knew I needed to stop.  It was one day, as the candies were trying to force me to take another bite that I found the strength to quit. I grabbed my toothbrush in one hand and floss in the other and fought my way out of that place! I won that battle, but I realized unhealthy treats were still out thereā€”attacking innocent teeth everywhere.  So, together with my husband and kids, I began fighting to bring all families good oral health and rid the world of the evil Cavity Squad.